Pro Certification

This certification is geared toward general SmartSuite users that need to demonstrate a general understanding of working within SmartSuite. Take this exam if you want to demonstrate a general proficiency in using SmartSuite in the performance of your job. You must obtain a score of 70% or higher to pass the exam.

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Welcome to the
SmartSuite Pro Certificate. 

Earning this certificate will help you get started on your journey of using the SmartSuite work management platform to manage and automate business processes and projects.
In order to achieve this certification, you'll need to complete a 60-question exam to demonstrate your knowledge of key concepts and core features in SmartSuite.
To prepare for this exam, it's recommended that you first complete the SmartSuite Essentials Learning Track.
The exam is administered online and you are able to reference your own SmartSuite Workspace or the Courses mentioned above to assist you as you complete the exam.
You're allowed an unlimited number of attempts and up to 3 hours per attempt to complete the exam. Once you achieve a score of 70% or higher, you will be awarded the SmartSuite Associate Certificate.
The Certificate will reward upon completion, and you can share your accomplishment with the world (on social platforms like LinkedIn) from there!

Exam Topics

1 - General Navigation

Components of your workspace including navigation of features.

2 - Structure of SmartSuite

Components of the SmartSuite Hierarchy and how our structure is related.  

3 - Accessing and Creating Views

Concepts of public and private views and folders

4 - Adding Records / Tasks

5 - General Field Types

6 - Member Directory

7 - Collaborating with Team Members

This exam covers the different methods of collaboration in SmartSuite 

8 - MyWork

9 - Notifications

10 - Power Search

11 - Starred Items

12 - Solution Templates

12 - General Permissions

13 - Data Export

14 - SmartSuite Community

15 - Support / Office Hours

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