SmartSuite Showcase

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This Showcase shows how you can use SmartSuite to manage patients all from a central place. This gives your team a 360 degree view of your customer, which will helps to improve their experience.

This Showcase shows how marketing agencies are using SmartSuite to create recurring projects with templated tasks based on type, and from there, using views and time related fields to effectively allocate and track their team's time. 
This Showcase shows 2 process customers are using to create job estimates. Get estimates back to customers faster than ever while keeping everything organized. 

This Showcase shows some basic functionality that VC’s are using to save time & boost productivity. 

This Showcase shows how accountants are using SmartSuite to manage their clients + bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.

This Showcase shares best practices on the ways consultants are using SmartSuite to estimate & manage projects as well as evaluate utilization of employees + maximize profits.
This Showcase explains how to create an effective rollout strategy for SmartSuite applications that works for your team. 

This Showcase explains how to effectively manage your network in SmartSuite. You can access this Solution with all functionality in seconds.

This Showcase shows how marketing agencies are using SmartSuite Permissions and Guest Access to give Clients and other Internal Reviews access to SmartSuite.
This Showcase shares how SmartSuite can help you automate your marketing lead management and measure the success of your campaigns.

This Showcases how to plan and produce your marketing campaigns, including objectives, concept campaign plan view, automation, and a campaign assignment timeline
This Showcase shares how interior design firms can use SmartSuite to Collect data from clients and websites,  manage projects, allowing, and present work back to clients. 
This Showcase explores how marketing teams are using dashboards to streamline their production, planning, and measurement of marketing campaigns.

This Showcase shows how product teams centralize feedback from different sources and link information together to inform product development on what to prioritize based on the trends you are seeing.
This Showcase shows how information can Sync between your SmartSuite CRM and Google Contacts using

This Showcase explores how sports teams are using SmartSuite to manage game stats & analytics.

This Showcase shares how product teams use SmartSuite to align their corporate initiatives with the work they're doing in their projects, and how they can prioritize their work based on factors such as feedback, level of effort, and expected customer value. 
This Showcase shares how product teams use SmartSuite to build and keep track of their work in relation to deadlines.  

This Showcase shares how to use SmartSuite for Project Management and also be able to assign tasks to your team based on their utilization and workload.

This Showcase shares how creative agencies use SmartSuite to manage client projects, team workflows, tasks, and utilization.

This Showcase shows how to evaluate active projects, compare budgets to expenditures, and track billable hours. Gain insights into revenue trends across industries and regions, empowering strategic decisions.
This Showcase shares how to use SmartSuite to Maximize Project Planning, Allocation, & Utilization

This Showcase shares how to Create Project Estimates & Convert to Live Projects Using One Work Management Tool SmartSuite

This Showcase shows how SmartSuite revolutionizes logistics management with seamless inventory management, order fulfillment, supplier relations, and effective supply chain coordination.